Atos Worldline SIPS 2.0 Manual for Magento Commerce

Go to System > Configuration > Payment Services > Appmerce Worldline Settings

Follow the instructions to configure the module.

  • Merchant ID: enter your webshop/merchant ID provided by Rabobank Worldline.
  • Key Version: the version of your Secret Key (use 1 for testing).
  • Enter your Secret Key.
  • Download your keys from Atos Worldline dashboard, login with your username and password supplied by Atos.
  • Make sure to start test payments with the Test Mode = Yes.

Go to System > Configuration > Payment Methods

Here you find all the Worldline methods, such as Worldline - MasterCard or Worldline - VISA. Follow the instructions to enable your payment methods.

Testing & Activation

Normally, you could use your live Merchant ID and Secret Key to do testing. If this does not work, then you can also use the following test account:
  • Merchant ID: 002001000000001
  • Secret Key: 002001000000001_KEY1
Important! You have to contact Worldline and tell them that you want to use this test data for activation.